Friday, 19 April 2013

Latest In Beauty! Editors Faves Box!!

Hello Lovely readers! :) Welcome to my review of the Latest in Beauty, Editors Favorites Box! This cost £7.95 +p&p so it really was a bargain, especially after they added an extra product to make up for a mistake on their website, the yardley perfume in the box was listed as 60ml when it was really a 1ml sample.
Look at all the lovely goodies :) Is it just me who gets excited when packages arrive?

So first up is the Yardley English rose deodorising spray, this was the extra item they added to the box to make up for the mistake on the site. I had a smell of this and usually I find rose scents to be a tad overpowering, but this one was quite nice, one for the handbag I think. 

Next up is the Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Argan Hand & Body wash(50ml)
 I love Argan Oil products, I used this tonight and it is fabulous I noticed that it is much better working it into a lather into your hands rather than on a sponge, the scent is gorgeous, and it made my skin feel soft.

This is the Dr.Lipp Original nipple balm for lips(the name made me giggle too)we got 3ml of this, which is really good as it seems a little goes a long way, I tried this as soon as it arrived as my lips have been a little dry(due to cold weather) and it did seem to help, I will putting this before bed tonight to see how they are in the morning :)The description on the leaflet we received with the product is that it can basically be used on any part of the body, even breast feeding mothers can use it!
This is the perfume they made a mistake with as you can see it is only 1ml(the description on the site said it was 60ml) but I didn't mind so much as I don't like to get a full size of a perfume I may hate, then it just sits around unused(which I think is just a waste) with the little vials I think they are good me for as you get enough to decide whether or not you like it, and then you can choose whether you want to splash out on a larger bottle. As for the scent it is rather nice, not too overpowering, I would liken it to a fruity scent. Also in this picture is Espa Active lift and Eye Serum, these I will be trying for a week or two to see the results and maybe blog about them :)
Neom Organic Hand Cream(50ml) and Balance Me Radiance Face Oil(10ml)
I love love love the hand cream, it smells absolutely gorgeous and make my hands nice and soft, the scent is Violet, Chamomile and Cedarwood, and even better it's organic, I will be taking this to work with me as my hands do get dry and sometimes sore with the cleaning products there. Balance Me products seem to be popping up in Beauty Boxes all over the place lately, but that being said I do like it, you don't need much for your whole face and it makes your skin soft, we'll see whether I have any added radiance in a few weeks lol

So thats everything, what are your opinions? Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think of them? Please leave any commments and or ramblings below! I'd love to hear from you!!!

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