Sunday, 5 May 2013

Poundshop Haul!

Hello Lovely readers! I went on a bit of a poundshop haul and thought I'd show you what lovely bargains I got!

First up is Naked Shine Coconut and Shea Glossing treatment, this is a huge container(400ml) and great value for only £1, it smells absolutely gorge too! Directions are to apply a generous amount to your hair after washing and comb through, or alternatively wrap your hair in a towel and sit and do nothing for five minutes and then rinse :) I tried this the day I bought it and it left my hair shiny and soft and really manageable, it also makes your hair smell delicious!! What a great product for only £1, I recommend picking this up if you happen to wander past a pound-shop!!!!

It also claims to be 97% Natural, and that to me only adds to the products appeal!

Next up we have Tea Tree Foaming Face wash! This works into a really nice lather, and does make your skin feel clean afterwards and does smell strongly of Tea Tree, tea tree is well known to deal with any blemishes and or bothersome patches of skin, so we will see how my skin feels after a few uses.

And now for the best bit, there are no words to describe my obsession for nail polish!
These three little beauties are by a brand I have never heard of(Outdoor Girl), but I can't resist a bargain and I loved the colours from left to right is a gorgeous metallic green, a pretty blue shade and then last but not least my favourite the pink shade, what you can't see from the picture is when applied they have a touch of glitter so when dry your nails sparkle when light hits them! I love these polishes and will definitely be going back to purchase other shades!!!
I have seen these before in the poundstore and never purchased but on this visit, I decided why not just buy them!!!! I used these not long ago in a nail striping manicure and the finished result was great, they apply really well and have good staying power they don't chip or peel easily, which is a must in a nail polish for me!
I will use these again for nail striping and do a blog post next time :)

From left to right we have two polishes from Chit Chat, the one on the left is a clear polish with glittery particles and the middle one is actually gold not sure why it looks red lol then finally a purple from rimmel! I just fell in the love with this one, you can't tell from the picture but it seems to have a pearlescent shine to it.So pretty!!
Last but not least, two crackle polishes one purple and one red, I do like Sally Hansen so to see this was great for me! W7 is a brand I am familiar with but at the time I didn't own a crackle one by this brand and I really wanted to try it!! I'll keep you posted on these two!!!

So in total money spent was £12.00! Total bargain for the little gems I picked up.

Thanks for reading :) If you have any comments please leave them down below! Do you love your local pound-shop? What bargains have you picked up? I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time

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