Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September Glossybox 2012

It's that time again! Glossybox review time :) Honestly receiving my Glossybox has to be the favourite time of the month! It's the little things in life that count right???? :) Anyway on to the review!

This months box was a special edition box, which means no pink box this month, instead we received a really gorgeous one, which was designed by Maggie Li. It's so pretty that I will not be using it to store makeup as I don't want to get makeup all over it lol The theme of this months box was Rising Stars and you can see a picture of the box below.

Isn't it just gorgeous? 

 Ok, the first Product on my list is Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance.

This smells absolutely gorgeous, really lovely flowery scent, I had heard of it, but wasn't overly excited about trying it, but then I received this sample and I love it, I can see me spending some of my hard earned pounds on this :) You can buy this for £25 for 30ml, £32 for 50ml, and £61 for 100ml.

Next product is :
These are some 1ml sachets of Rodial Snake Serum and 5 minute facial, I have never heard of this brand until I received my box, but I'm willing to try anything new. The card is a little confusing on the price of the product lol but you can buy it here the price is £127 for 25ml. Now that's expensive!!!!!

Next up :)
The Balance Me Wonder Eye cream and Olay Wrinkle relaxing complex, we got 7ml of the Eye cream and full size is £20 for 15 ml, so lets say we got half of the original size which is a decent sample. Very pleased and I love Balance Me products :) The Olay product I will give it a try, I don't really think I have any noticeable wrinkles, except maybe a few fine lines around the eyes, which it may help with, so I will give it a shot.  The sample we got is again 7ml and the full size is £29.99 for 50ml.

Last but not least, the Pièce de résistance :
I was over the moon to see this in my Glossybox!!!!! I love mythic oil!!! I have tried this before when I got a free sample from whatsinmyhandbag, and it was fantastic!! I know this is Mythic Oil milk, but I am sure it will be just as fabulous!! AND! this is a full size product!! Yahoo! The price to buy would be £15.95 for 125ml, which is what we got!! Definitely can't complain :) 

This was also my free box, as I redeemed my dots for september, so this box was even more of a bonus for me! Thanks so much Glossybox, one very happy Gal today :)

As always thanks for visiting my little slice of the web, if you have any thoughts, comments or ramblings! Please do let me know. I will always reply :) Until next time.




  1. You got some pretty awesome product there! ;)
    Do you ever get makeup, and how do you order the package?

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, if you would like to sign up with the Glossybox, you can do so here, it is £12.95 a month, you will always receive 5 products in your box and yes quite often you do receive makeup, check out some of my previous blog posts. Thanks again for visiting, Shez xxx

  3. Hi my lovely,
    i have awarded you the Liebester award. Come check out my blog to see what its all about.
    Kindest regards Kazzii @

  4. I really need to get on the glossybox bandwagon, it seems like the products are pretty
    worth the money. The lady gaga fragrance is quite nice, sweeter than I expected from her. Nice blog, I'm following :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Frederica :) glad you enjoyed my blog! Thanks for the follow. I will follow you too xxx