Thursday, 13 September 2012

Free Samples *OH MY*

Hello, My lovely fellow bloggers and readers!!! :) How are you all this fine day? Fabulous??? I certainly hope so!!! This blog is all about things I received for free in the post *squeal* There some gorgeous companies out there!!!!!!!! Thank You!!! I will put links to the websites in this post!!!! So on with the blogging loveliness hehe :) x

Ooooh! Look at all the lovely products! Aren't they just beautiful? And I bet you are dying to know what they are aren't you??? Ok, well here is a full list of the loveliness :)

  1. Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser
  2. Avene Light Hydrating Cream
  3. Matis Soft Lipstick/Balm
  4. Matis Intensive Firming Body Cream
  5. Matis Intensive Resourcing Cream
  6. Matis Sun-Kissed Glow Body Lotion
  7. Matis Energising Serum
  8. Matis Regenerating Serum
  9. Matis Regenerating Creme
  10. Matis Energising Creme
How generous are Matis?!?!? Fantastic selection of samples!!! The lip balm is lovely and has a fantastic, scrumptious vanilla smell.

You can ask them nicely for samples here

If you would like to contact Avene, you can do so here

And last but not least is a gel hand scrub from Gelicity, they have fantastic customer service and the rep I was in contact with(Beth) was fantastic, she couldn't be more helpful :) 

So with a little time and effort, you too can get some terrific samples, and all it takes is a friendly email or two expressing your interest :)  I can guarantee with time you will start to love your postman lol Just be careful not to hurt him hehehe x

As always I hope you enjoyed my little slice of the web, please do add me to your reading list if you did, I love reading your comments and will always reply, so please let me know your thoughts, ramblings or whatever else comes to mind! :)

I will see you soon for the September Glossybox Review! I'm excited for this one, the box is sooo pretty.

Until next time


  1. I've just sent a few friendly emails to these companies :D Thanks for this post!!

  2. You're welcome, Good Luck and thanks for visiting :) Shez x