Thursday, 7 February 2013

Roger & Gallet Flashbox(Glossybox)

Hello lovely readers! Welcome to my review of the Roger & Gallet Flashbox!!!!!! I was so excited to receive this as all the products looked amazing and this was a brand I wanted to try as soon as I heard about it. It came in the usual pink box but instead of the black paper inside this time it is white paper.

Fleur D' Osmanthus Eau Fraiche(Fresh Fragrant Water)
I applied a dab of this on my wrist and it smells lovely, not too overpowering and can be worn any time, normally I find some scents give me a headache after a while but I doubt I will have issue with this one, too me it smells slightly orangey and the card does say it has a hint of citrus, so I guess my nose was right on the money :) The amount received in the box is 10ml, full size is £32 for 100ml 
Huile Sublime (Bois D'Orange)
This next one is a dry oil for the hair and body, the card says it contains 6 natural oils, this also smells orange to me, it is a lovely scent and again not to heavy on the nose :) I tried some of this on the ends of my hair and it did seem to make the ends smoother and not as flyaway. The amount received is also 10ml, 100ml is £24.50.

Fleur D'Osmanthus(Foaming Shower Honey)
The minute I saw this in the box, I was very pleased as I love trying new body washes and shower gels, and this one didn't disappoint! It filled my bathroom with the lovely scent of honey and lasts for a good while on your skin, a good size bottle of this was received(75ml) the cost for the full size bottle(250ml) is £12.
Fleur D'Osmanthus(Moisturising Body Lotion)
This was lovely, I applied it after using the shower honey, and it absorbs into the skin really easily, doesn't leave you with a sticky feeling to your skin like some body lotions can, again it has a lovely scent and claims to leave your skin supple, I used this about an hour and a half ago and the scent seems long lasting.
Amount received is 50ml, full size is 200ml for £12.

Citron(perfumed soap)
As the name suggests, it is a citrus infused soap, I have not used it yet, but as with all the other products, it smells delicious, and I look forward to using it, amount received is 25g full size is 100g for £5.50.

As you can probably tell, I thought this box was terrific, but what I want to know is what you thought of it, was it worth the £13 I paid for it? Would you have bought one? Please leave any thoughts or ramblings in the comments, I would love to hear from you :) 

As for these lovely little products they are going to live in my bathroom in this cute little pink bag I received my beautylishious products in, you can read my review here

Thank you for reading my little corner of the web, please visit again soon

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