Monday, 19 August 2013

Lee Stafford Poker Straight(intensive care for flat iron addicts) Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster.

So here it is as promised, the review of these two Lee Stafford products, I have been using both of these products for three weeks now, as I like to give them a good amount of usage before I even think about doing a review!
Both products do promise to give you heat protection when blow-drying, straightening or using curling tongs.
The blowdry spray claims to help dry your hair quicker, and detangle.
So lets get on to what I actually thought of the products.
Lee Stafford: Blow Dry Your Hair Faster
This was £2.99 in Home and Bargain, and you get 200ml for your money.
As for blow drying your hair faster, I'd say that was just a clever marketing gimmick, as I was still drying my hair for the same amount of time(15 mins) whether I used the product or not, it does detangle your hair some and leave a nice scent to it, but as for the heat protection, I don't think you can actually prove how much it actually does protect your hair from heat. So my finally verdict is this, it wasn't great, if I had paid more than £2.99 for it, I would have been more disappointed in the product than I actually am.
So would I buy it again? Probably not, as really all it does is make your hair smell nice, and I already have a lot of products that do this.
Lee Stafford Poker Straight(intensive care for flat iron addicts)
Can I just say, I absolutely adore this, it smells absolutely delightful and leaves a gorgeous scent on your hair.
This was also £2.99 in Home and Bargain and is also 200ml, and is a fantastic treat for your hair, apply between your shampoo and conditioner, and leave on for five minutes( I left it for 10) then rinse and condition as usual.
The packaging says it help straighten hair, and it really does! My hair was straighter than its ever been, really shiny and glossy too, and as I said before smells delicious, you'll be sniffing your hair constantly :)

So final verdict? It's a thumbs down for the blow dry spray and a massive thumbs up for the poker straight treatment.

Before I go, a few quick questions :)
Have you tried these products before? Did you find you had a differing opinion to mine?
Please do comment and let me know your thoughts or ramblings, or absolutely anything else!

Thanks for reading 

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