Thursday, 29 August 2013

Skin Cleansing Mishap! Adventure with a toothbrush and toothpaste!

So here I am to tell you all about the skin cleansing mishap I had last night, the previous evening I noticed I had gained a few blackheads on my nose :( so I started having a google on a good way to remove them, and low and behold I came across a site that had numerous ways to clear them up, now this site told me a good method was a toothbrush and toothpaste, now at the time I thought : what a marvellous idea! Why didn't I think of this myself?

So, I sent myself out to purchase a toothbrush for said purpose, as you wouldn't want to use your toothbrush for your teeth do this with(yucky)!!
So I followed the directions on the site(see link above) and proceeded to gently rub my nose with the toothbrush, and then rinsed away the remaining toothpaste. After which I applied a nasal strip to my nose to clear out any remaining yuckiness. 

After removing the strip, it was instantly like OMG! My nose!! what have I done to you??? It was the worst pain ever!!! Even though I gently or what I thought was gently exfoliating my nose with the toothbrush it appeared to have removed a layer of skin from my nose!! 

So my advice is, if you notice you have a couple of blackheads, DO NOT do this!
You will end up looking like Rudolph until it heals!!!!
From now on I will not take all advice I read on the internet!
Please do have a giggle at this blog post and let me know your beauty mishaps!
I told my friend about this and she was in hysterics, and in hindsight I realise now it was a very silly thing to do :)
Thanks for reading about my silliness
as always much love
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  1. Ouch!
    This is what you need to make your nose happy again hehehe:

  2. Thanks hun, I will check that out :) hehe hope you had fun reading about my mishap lol xx I will follow you too xx