Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Crownbrush 10% off for my lovely readers!

Hi lovely readers! I have some exciting news for you! Crownbrush who I am affiliated with are offering 10% off for you lovely people.

For those of you who don't know about them, they are a company who sell makeup tools, makeup and everything else your beauty loving hearts desires!!!

You can click through the site here or alternatively click on the banner to your right!

This sale starts in February, so not long to wait!!!

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Enjoy and happy shopping!

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review! Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer!

Hola, beauty addicts! Welcome to my review of the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer, I have been using the product for a week to give it a good test drive on staying power and coverage, to see if it is actually worth the £12 price tag. I purchased this in Debenhams, if any of you wanted to purchase after reading this review.

So on to the review(exciting stuff, huh?) 

This concealer has a lovely creamy texture, applies well and it is easily blend-able, for this review I have been using it on my under eye circles, sadly they are quite dark at the moment, a product of working night shifts and no sleep!

I found this one works best if you apply some under your foundation and then a small amount over the top, and amazingly it covered them quite well! I was pleased! It is also good for small red patches on the face(if you have any) 

Staying power wise, I would advise powdering the area you use this concealer after application, I have tried it with and without a finishing powder and after working ten hours it seemed to stick around much better with powder than without it. The powder I used was Rimmel's stay matte long lasting pressed powder, this is widely available in any high street chemist. Anyway, I digress, now the negative points, I was quite disappointed that this concealer came in pencil form, the fact that you only get 3.5 grams for your £12 seems quite pricey, and I would much prefer that it came in a pot, I personally think this makes for easier application.

That being said I will be purchasing this again, as it is a good concealer.

Please do let me know if you have ever tried this product, and what are your opinions of it?

Did they differ from mine? If so, why?

Thanks for reading and do leave comments below! I love reading them!

Much Love

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hero Product Of The Month : Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser and My Health.

Hello lovely readers! I am back after a month's hiatus, I am so sorry I have been away for so long but I have had a few problems with my health :( mainly being this skin condition that has been plaguing me for over a year, which just appeared out of the blue, having done some intensive research, it appears there is no specific cause for it, and all you can do is take antihistamines to lessen the irritation :( so now I am currently prescribed by my doctor, medication which I have to take one of twice a day, and one for bedtime. I feel I have waffled on a lot about this now, so I thought I may as well let you know which condition it is and please, please, please if you know of anyone who has or has had this condition, please let me know what they did to get rid of it(or if they still have it) how they alleviate it! You can find more infomation here

So anyway, enough about me, and on to the real reason for this blog post!!!

I first tried this product about a month ago when I was looking for an inexpensive dupe for Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, and I heard a lot of people going nuts for this, so I thought to myself I might as well give it ago, after a month's usage every evening to remove my makeup, I do feel this is a worthwhile product to purchase, and gives you value for money(I think I paid 4.99) but at the moment it is on sale for £3.32, you get 200mls per tube and it also comes with a muslin cloth which I did try and it was pretty good, but at the moment I am using my Emma Hardie cloth(which I think we all know are fantastic)

So it's a massive thumbs up for the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser! So I suggest you all run down to your local superdrug and snaffle yourself some! quick, go, go, go!!!!! :)

Thanks for reading


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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Giveaway on Thou Shalt Not Covet

The lovely Michelle at Thou Shalt Not Covet is doing a fab giveway of a gorgeous necklace, like the one Carrie from Sex In The City has, I have entered to hopefully win this gorgeous necklace, and you should too! You can enter here, and check out the lovely provider of the prize at her Etsy shop here

Good luck everyone!

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Skin Cleansing Mishap! Adventure with a toothbrush and toothpaste!

So here I am to tell you all about the skin cleansing mishap I had last night, the previous evening I noticed I had gained a few blackheads on my nose :( so I started having a google on a good way to remove them, and low and behold I came across a site that had numerous ways to clear them up, now this site told me a good method was a toothbrush and toothpaste, now at the time I thought : what a marvellous idea! Why didn't I think of this myself?

So, I sent myself out to purchase a toothbrush for said purpose, as you wouldn't want to use your toothbrush for your teeth do this with(yucky)!!
So I followed the directions on the site(see link above) and proceeded to gently rub my nose with the toothbrush, and then rinsed away the remaining toothpaste. After which I applied a nasal strip to my nose to clear out any remaining yuckiness. 

After removing the strip, it was instantly like OMG! My nose!! what have I done to you??? It was the worst pain ever!!! Even though I gently or what I thought was gently exfoliating my nose with the toothbrush it appeared to have removed a layer of skin from my nose!! 

So my advice is, if you notice you have a couple of blackheads, DO NOT do this!
You will end up looking like Rudolph until it heals!!!!
From now on I will not take all advice I read on the internet!
Please do have a giggle at this blog post and let me know your beauty mishaps!
I told my friend about this and she was in hysterics, and in hindsight I realise now it was a very silly thing to do :)
Thanks for reading about my silliness
as always much love
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Lee Stafford Poker Straight(intensive care for flat iron addicts) Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster.

So here it is as promised, the review of these two Lee Stafford products, I have been using both of these products for three weeks now, as I like to give them a good amount of usage before I even think about doing a review!
Both products do promise to give you heat protection when blow-drying, straightening or using curling tongs.
The blowdry spray claims to help dry your hair quicker, and detangle.
So lets get on to what I actually thought of the products.
Lee Stafford: Blow Dry Your Hair Faster
This was £2.99 in Home and Bargain, and you get 200ml for your money.
As for blow drying your hair faster, I'd say that was just a clever marketing gimmick, as I was still drying my hair for the same amount of time(15 mins) whether I used the product or not, it does detangle your hair some and leave a nice scent to it, but as for the heat protection, I don't think you can actually prove how much it actually does protect your hair from heat. So my finally verdict is this, it wasn't great, if I had paid more than £2.99 for it, I would have been more disappointed in the product than I actually am.
So would I buy it again? Probably not, as really all it does is make your hair smell nice, and I already have a lot of products that do this.
Lee Stafford Poker Straight(intensive care for flat iron addicts)
Can I just say, I absolutely adore this, it smells absolutely delightful and leaves a gorgeous scent on your hair.
This was also £2.99 in Home and Bargain and is also 200ml, and is a fantastic treat for your hair, apply between your shampoo and conditioner, and leave on for five minutes( I left it for 10) then rinse and condition as usual.
The packaging says it help straighten hair, and it really does! My hair was straighter than its ever been, really shiny and glossy too, and as I said before smells delicious, you'll be sniffing your hair constantly :)

So final verdict? It's a thumbs down for the blow dry spray and a massive thumbs up for the poker straight treatment.

Before I go, a few quick questions :)
Have you tried these products before? Did you find you had a differing opinion to mine?
Please do comment and let me know your thoughts or ramblings, or absolutely anything else!

Thanks for reading 

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Zoe Jewel Necklace and MAC RIRI GIVEAWAY! Michelle @

Just a quick post to let you know that the lovely michelle, is doing a fab giveaway on her blog.
She is giving away a gorgeous Zoe Jewel Necklace and MAC RIRI blusher.
Go check out her wonderful blog and see if you can bag the goodies!!!

Much Love
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