Saturday, 26 May 2012

Nutty about Lip Balm (and some hair treatment) :)

Hello Ladies, 

Considering the fantastic weather we've been having, I decided to pull on my sandals and get myself in to town for a little shopping(dragged the other half along of course) :) So after a little wander around in the gorgeous sun, here's what I came back with.

 These cute little pots of Lip Balms caught my eye in none other than Sports Direct!!! *shock*  *gasp* Now you may wonder why I was in said shop, the boyfriend wanted to take a look lol The scents I got were Blueberry, Strawberries & Milkshake, and Mango and Papaya! They all smell divine, especially the blueberry :) My boyfriend said it smelled like he wanted to eat it lol Now for the price!!! They retailed at the price of a pound each! Bargain!

Now that summer seems to be finally here, I decided to invest in some treatment for the hair, the one I got was ' Aussie ' Take The Heat, its also good to use before straightening, use after shampooing and Voila, apparently you will have hair that will ignite passion :) this product retails at 3.50 from superdrug.Last but not least was a powder blusher by Mua, I was unsure whether to buy this as the last product of theirs I bought I didn't much like, it was a gel eyeshadow which I found to be very clumpy :( shame as the colour was lovely. The blusher cost a pound also from superdrug.

Well, that's all ladies, please leave any comments below and thanks for reading :) xx


  1. I love Aussie Hair stuff, smells delish :)

    Thanks for following my blog by the way, am following yours now too x

    1. Yay, thank you :) I have a read of your blogs, loved your nail designs, you have inspired me to try them asap :) x