Wednesday, 15 August 2012

August Glossybox 2012

Hello ladies, and welcome to my review of the August Glossybox. I have been reading the Glossybox page since subscribers started receiving this box, and oh my this box has cause a lot of complaints!!!!!! Anyway onto the review :)

The product you see here is Lipcote, it is a lipstick sealer, and it does actually work, the downside is this has been around for a very long time and can be purchased in ANY pharmacy and in my opinion does not constitute to a " high end " product! Probably shouldn't be in a Glossybox. We did get full size though and its worth 3.99.


Next up is DHC Cleansing Oil, and yes I am going to be singing this products praises!!! It is FANTASTIC, I tried it last night and it did what it says on the tin(or bottle) lol It cleansed my skin really easily, and left it feeling soft. The sample we got is 30ml, full size is 200ml and retails at 18.50.
Next up is the item that cause all the trouble!!!!! The Vera Valenti Eyeshadow pallet. This is not my cup of tea at all, when I saw it in the box, I was very underwhelmed with it, I did open it and try to do a swatch on my hand but couldn't even get it off the applicator, it just seems to lack any pigmentation, and not to mention the ingredients seem questionable, no way would I put this anywhere near my eyes. This is apparently from Spain and " apparently " costs 3.85.

Now we have the All For Eve Balm! *squeal* I love, love, love this, it smells gorgeous, the little miror inside the compact is a nice touch, this is full size (yay) and it costs 4.95 for 7ml. Did i mention that I loved this??? :)

This is the Alessandro pro white original polish, claims to stop nail yellowing, I have tried this on my nails and I have noticed a difference. Full size is 10ml for 7.85.

And................Finally, a Glossybox lipstick, this also seems to have caused some issues this month, people saying that they shouldn't be putting their own brand items in what is supposed to be a high end sample service, that said the colour is nice, and seems to be of decent quality, and also as we received six items this month, I'd imagine that makes this a freebie, so can't really complain. This lipstick is 4g and Glossybox say its worth 9.50.

So that wraps up this months review, a bit hit and miss, with some products(in my opinion) don't belong in a Glossybox. 

Please leave any commments down below, I'd love to know what other subscribers received! Let me know what you thought of your box! Were you disappointed? or happy?

Until September....

Thanks for reading :) xxxx


  1. I got the exact same products in my Glossybox this month!
    I was happy with the box though because the products are stuff that I would use. However, I do agree with you that the eyeshadow palette is not very pigmented!

    Take care :) x

  2. Yes, the eyeshadow was kind of let down! Thanks for reading :)

    You take care too :) x

  3. Heyy there again! :) You have been tagged for the 11 Questions Tag! Go to this link to find out the rules! :)


  4. great post, was thinking of buying lipcote? is it any good? Im a new follower! Check out my blog! thanks lauren xxx

    1. Hi Lauren!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!! :) In regards to your question about lipcote, I am going to have to say no, it really dries out your lips, so definitely not a product I would recommend. I will pay your blog a visit now :) xx

  5. It's fine, you have a lovely blog, thankyou for the advice!:)xxx

  6. You're welcome and thank you :) I followed you too. x